Do you suff­er from a chronic runny or stuffy nose, itchy eyes, coughing, or hives? You may have an allergy. Our medical staff will conduct an allergy test to identify what you are allergic to. Once the specific allergens are identified, our ENT physicians will recommend the appropriate treatment.

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Millions of Americans have sinuses that are inflamed or blocked. The blockage can be caused by allergies, chronic sinusitis or a deviated septum. Our expert team of ENT physicians will identify the source of your sinus issues and recommend the appropriate sinus treatment.

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Hearing loss is a common problem that is associated with aging; however it can also be caused by exposure to loud noises, ear wax, medications, or an infection. Our team of hearing specialists will determine the cause of your hearing loss and recommend the appropriate treatment.

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Snoring is a common condition that affects nearly 90 million Americans. Snoring may be caused by nasal congestion, a deviated septum or a sleep disorder called sleep apnea. Our Broward ENT physicians will determine the cause of your snoring and recommend the appropriate treatment.

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Suffering From Chronic Sinusitis?

Don’t Suffer Anymore!

In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty
May Be The Solution

A simple procedure that will give you lasting relief from sinus symptoms and allow you to get your life back.

Our Hearing Center

Providing Hearing Solutions

Experience better hearing, sound quality and satisfaction with the most advanced digital technology hearing aids and accessories.

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Very good experience with everybody in Dr. Morse’s office. One of the most professional Doctor offices I have visited. Very highly recommended.
Christopher H.
My medical treatment has been wonderful. Dr. Cooper and his staff have explained everything to me and I have been very pleased.
Office staff was friendly. Dr. Weisstuch was friendly and efficient and spent all the time necessary to listen to explain the diagnosis and treatment plan to me. I would recommend Dr Weisstuch to my friends and family.
Charles C.